Board & G. Assembly

Board and G. Assembly

July 20/07/2014


Meeting Place: Shashemene Fesil Hotel, small Hall number 1

Meeting start time: 9:00


  1. Mr. Mustefa Gemeda (Facilitator)
  2. Mr. Abdisa Gemechu (Facilitator)
  3. Mr. Aman Desta (Facilitator)
  4. Mr. Tekilu Usha (participant)
  5. Mr. Amere Lenjiso (participant)
  6. Ms. Besha Dube (participant)
  7. Ms. Webitu Tufa (participant)
  8. Ms. Chaltu Shale (participant)
  9. Mr. Tekile Argo (participant)
  10. Mr. Desta Tufa (participant)
  11. Mr. Muzeyen Kedir  (participant)
  12. Mr. Gobeni Kinta (participant)
  13. Mr. Adem Bedeso (participant)
  14. Mr. Menja Saddo (participant)
  15. Mr. Aadam Jelato and other partners, followed and participated by skype

Agenda-one:  About Establishment of the organization

About establishment of Uta Wayu Child Care and Community Development Organization according to the agenda, first welcoming speech to the participant has opened by Mr. Mustefa Gemeda and flowingly after doing this he described historical beginning of the organization. ‘ Mr. Aadam Jaalatoo, Ms. Dharroo Tufaa and their partners from Norway were initiated the idea of the charity project in May 2011, to support child those who have no education joining capacity in Arsi Negele district.  Since then, they worked a lot on framing the proposed project and on legalizing as well. The name of the project is ‘Uta Wayu Child Care and Community Development Organization Project’. So the call of the meeting is to establish Board and General Assembly of the organization, as well as briefly discussing  aim and movement of the organization with elected committee, said Mr. Mustefa and concluded his speech to the first agenda.

Agenda -Two

Agenda two session held by one of facilitator, Mr. Abdisa Gemechu, and he described so far project development performance in Ethiopia. He and his partner, Mr. Mustefa, were  supporting the project frame work development through local primary and secondary data collection and by closely flowing up permission progresses in Norway as well said by Mr. Abdisa. Also in his presentation power points he shows  aim, structure and achievement of the project in details. Also issue of beneficiaries, ‘who are they? how they will benefit? what are kinds of those proposed benefits?’  and also issue of funds ‘what is source of funds? and how those sources proposed would be achieved?’ and  after he described this to the audience concluded his presentation.


Third agenda held by Mr. Aman Desta, he is one of among partners in Norway, and he presented by representing them from Norway. He remind to audience the occasion of how he joined the project. He is in Norway for his academic purpose and, there he meet the project partners and became familiar about it. Interest and effort the partners doing attracted me and I am devoted to contribute my stake to the project and willingly joined the project around end of 2013, he said. Since then he collaboratively worked with other partners on development of project frame work. By saying this, he introduced his partners in Norway: Mr. Aadam Jelato, and Ms. Dhero Tufa talks about their strong commitment and contributions on the development of the project.

Mr. Aman also described about project legalization and so far  achievements in Norway. Accordingly he said the project got its legalized establishment permission as international organization after two consequentive years work  from Norway in March 13, 2014. The name of the project is ‘Uta Wayu Child Care and Community Development Organization’ and got the legality from ‘Brønnøysundregisteret’ organization of Norway. The  permission licensed as Association, club or/and organization, and It is non-profit organization. Currently he said,  our project working on getting permission to work in Ethiopia and to achieve this, necessary  documents are on gathering for applications to respective offices. So, our today’s meeting will also involve: reestablishment of boards and general assembly, and endorsement of the project to work in Ethiopia by general assembly, he said. Finally he call all audience to actively participate for development and achievement of the project goals, which is creating education opportunities to poorest child to create better future. Flowingly the stage opened for questions and constrictive ideas from audience and discussions respective to questions held as flow:

Questions from participants:

1st.  As it is known and said previously, the project is new and it has no budget and fund sources. So how expenses so far, including today’s meeting facilitation covered or who sponsored them? was question raised by Mr. Amere Lenjiso and answered by facilitator as following:

Ans: Even thought the project will need fund rising to continue its work, so far expenses has been covered from private pocket, by Mr. Aadam Jeleto the founder of the project. So the project to launch its full work, needs immediate fund raising according to its plan.

2nd. Constrictive ideas rose from Participant:

Mr. Muzeyen Kedir: ‘I want to appreciate the person who initiated such a wonderful idea and, also his partners who joined to his campaign and worked together to bring such progress. Now on ward I will actively contribute my stakes for development of the project and to address its objectives, which is addressing education for poorest child’ he said.

Mr. Tekilu Usha, he is among participants and forwarded his constrictive idea by appreciating objectives of the project and as well as the partners. Now on ward we are also responsible to the project and we will contribute starting from level of idea generating to financial contribution to help family less and child from poor family who can’t afford to join education.

For raised questions and constrictive ideas detail explanations given from Mr. Mustefa, Mr. Aman and Mr. Abdiss,  and after large discussion done from both sides, this session concluded.

Agenda four:

Election of Administrative (Board and General Assembly)

Election committee

  1. Mr. Mustefa Gemeda, organizer of committee
  2. Mr. Abdisa Gemechu, Secretary of committee
  3. Mr. Aman Desta, member of Committee

Details and brief explanations given from election committee about the election procedures. Unclear questions and procedures raised from participant are clearly answered. Among eleven administration committee, five elected for board and the rest, six, for general assembly. After this the election procedures took place, first board members and secondly general assembly respectively. Accordingly elected five board members and six general assembly members described below with gotten votes out of eleven and their positions as well.

Board Members list

  1. Mr. Tekilu Usha, 9 votes out of 11 and President of board.
  2. Ms. Webitu Tufa, 8 votes out of 11 and Secretary of board
  3. Ms. Cheltu Shale, 7 votes out of 11 and V/ president of board.
  4. Mr. Tekile Argo, 7 votes out of 11 and Member of board.
  5. Mr. Desta Tufa, 6 votes out of 11 and Member of board.

General Assemblys list

  1. Mr. Amere Lenjiso, Head of G/asembly
  2. Mr. Muzeyen Kedir, Secretary of G/ assembly
  3. Mr. Menja Saddo, Member of G/assembly
  4. Ms. Besha Dube, Member of G/ assembly
  5. Mr. Gobeni Kinta, Member of G/ assembly
  6. Mr. Adem Bedheso, Member of G/ assembly
  • Agenda five: Decisions by General Assembly 

After the establishment of administrative committee, the general assembly has given decision on the following issues:

  1. General assembly agreed with full supporting vote on importance and establishment of the project.
  2. General assembly has agreed and approved launching of the project in Arsi Negele, Oromiya, Ethiopia
  3. After discussion on many places candidate in Arsi Negele,  Eddo Jigessa considered as one of highly vulnerable areas in Arsi Negele district and it has decided as the project should start its work there, and for the begging, 20 family less and poorest child will be incorporate under the project.
  4. Founders and Local contactors recognized and approved by G/ assembly as follow:


  1. Mr. Aadam Jaalatoo (Norway), General manager
  2. Mr. Dharroo Tufaa (Norway), Program manager
  3. Mr. Aman Desta (Norway),

Local Contactors

  1. Mr. Mustefa Gemeda (Ethiopia), Local program manager
  2. Mr. Abdisa Gemechu (Ethiopia), Local program coordinator. By doing these, the meeting ended up at 15:00 local time.