Short Term plan

Building an Electronic Library. This is to build a library that can help students in a modern way. This is planned to be done in two ways. They are:
a. Build a standard school if possible in Nageelle District and support the admission of highly gifted students whose families cannot help them
b. Have and build a Manual Library with books and educational materials.
c. Building an Electronic Library.

After discussing the long term and short term plans as written above, we have been able to divide them into two (2) parts, those that need to be worked on in the future and those that can be done now it is possible.
After discussing the above listed as planned, we will work on them in the process,
We decided to short-term plan:
a. At the end of this year, 2016 EC /20124/25, prepare gifts in the form of prizes for the top students in higher education (university) as it will encourage their morale and be a starting point for us. This is likely to happen at the closure of Nageelle Arsi High School and Secondary School and the Education Office and District Administration will continue to announce the organizers of the award.
b. After agreeing on the awards, we discussed the source of our income and agreed that this would not be a problem as we have a large membership. It is understood that foreign members living outside Ethiopia can participate in the purchase of gifts for students. Members in the country should work on how to raise funds and identify and nominate responsible people.
c. The types of awards are things that members mention:
i. IPods’
ii. Laptops
iii. Smart phones
iv. Phone cases
v. I Pad and Laptop Cases and the likes