Quarterly UWCCCDP reports 2015

Country Overview

The country has been designing different development activities which encourage children, families and community to participate in community based development programs in addressing poverty. The recently developed development strategic plan of the country helps in accelerating children, families and community economical, political, legal and social development. 

The poor economic condition of the country is adversely affecting children as they are the most vulnerable segment of the community. Most children in poverty do not receive adequate prenatal or early medical care. In many families there is no enough food to feed the family especially children. Most children are in risk for malnutrition. On top of this, the high inflation rate in the country inflated the cost of basic necessities.

Due to the high cost of grains, many families are unable to feed their families especially their children. When our children go to school we expect them to be safe, happy and willing to learn. In most cases, this is happening in schools around area. The current educational atmosphere in the schools has affected teachers, students and good administrators in a negative way.

Children are losing the joy of learning and teachers are losing the joy of teaching. Educating the children is the primary issue however chance was not given for quality education to meeting the standards. The police that government lunched on free promotion for grade 1-4 are affecting quality education this caused a lowering of morale among teachers and students.

College entrance GPA is 2.8 most of the children will not successes with this and the opportunity of attending high education will be limited. To continue in the private college the college fee is high and it is difficult for some children and families to pay. These are affecting many children at area. Family economics is a determinant of the households and individuals level of living.

The potential for shifting the households and individuals to a higher level improving and meeting individuals and societal requirements. The free market the country using influencing the family who are living at lower level. Since they have limited resource to compete with others and currently this influencing them and their children too.

Regardless of all the aforementioned factors, the intervention of uta wayu child care and community development programs is contributing a lot for many children and the community at large.  Children who are enrolled in the sponsorship program have access to basic education.

Program Overview

uta wayu child care and community development program has established few years ago by visionary Ethiopia men who are living in Norway and Ethiopia, the program has been  established to undertake a child education and community development program in Arsi Negele district.

Education plays a vital role in alleviating poverty, improving the social welfare and increasing economic status of individuals and families involved in the education enterprise. The Ethiopian Government’s education policy places importance on a broad based education which emphasizes gender equality and technology.  The UWCCCDP has responded by implementing programs in the curriculum, which satisfy these policies at a high standard of delivery.

As education is a basis for every development program, the program give focus for this sector to bring bright future for children through creating access and quality education. Uneducated mine is mine in the dark, if children were born from uneducated families and they were being uneducated and development will not be take place in that community. So to bring the sustainable development at community level, new generation shall be educated well.

So programs is try  to create a future of hope for orphan and vulnerable children in Arsi Negele district by providing education materials and basic needs like cloth and others.

The program effectively utilized the fund as per plan and all the support rendered to the children has been contributing a lot for the child development.

UWCCCDP has a shortage of budget to fulfill the community needs however with small budget we have, we implement a number of activities which is so vital for a child to continue their education. As per our plan education materials and cloth distributed for 20 enrolled children and their interest toward education has been enhanced at high rate.

Outcome result

Children and families has been very happy of the provision of education materials and cloth in spite of this their academic performance improved and basic necessity enhanced.

To say few wards concerning two children we take a picture of 20 sponsored children and send to our donors 7 months ago, after 7 months we get small funds and purchase cloths for 20 children’s the amazing thing that we observe we found Badhatu and Mohammed with the similar cloth or  old cloth, so the significance of the project will not be expressed by word it is easy to observes the outcome result, now Badhatu & Mohammed has got the new cloth we may not found them with old cloth give thanks to UWCCCDP.




Bedhatu is take her cloth from kebele leader 


Bedhatu with a new cloth


Old picture of Mohammed 


Mohammed taking his cloth from staff member


Mohammed with a new cloth


To ensure the sustainability of the project has organized and trained families on child education and cares.  The active involvement of the family during distribution of the education materials and causal cloths has created sense of happiness and accountability. Moreover, Woreda Administration office, Worada education office, child and women affairs and kebele official working with the program to ensure the sustainability of the project.


Due to the strong communication we have with kebele official and family out of 20 sponsored children 19 children appeared on the distribution date and take delivery of the cloth. Only one sponsored child has been missed, however we try to communicate the family and on the second day she received her cloth.

All the family is happy of the support render to the children and they award great acknowledgment to the project and this will be motivating the staff to work hard and to reach to the planned goal.


One of the challenges we came across is the community needs are high, when compare with supply (high demand and low supply). Due to budget shortage we are unable to fulfill the community needs and implementing the planned activities as per plan. So our project looking for word to work with any interested donors to overcome the problem

Best Practices/Lessons Learned

The interesting thing that we observe is, what we have implement with the small budget (distribution of education materials and causal cloths) has contribute a big change that in the life of children’s. All the children’s who will be start their education at the age 9-11 in Ethiopian context has been start their education at the age 5-7. This is the great change we achieved and all the enrolled children are attending their school.

Stakeholder participation

Parents, kebele official and staff have involved in mobilizing the children’s to participate in distribution. During the distribution time the kebele official, staff, parent, community members and board committee actively involved in the distribution. The distribution was transparent and understandable.


Lunch program 
Making a child happy for one day has great impact on their life because it refreshes their mind increase their participation to their education and development. UWCCCDP has organized the lunch program on the distribution day, what it has impressed us all the family has been blessed the program based on their culture ways and they are so much hoppy of the program. What we did with the small budget has contributed the great joy and happiness to the children’s and families too.

Uta wayu sponsored children’s enjoying the lunch program.


Uta wayu children’s with a old cloth


Uta wayu children’s with a new cloth

 Implemented activities and expenses report

To purchase of casual cloth in place of uniform for 20 children’s =========6000.00

Transportations cost for d/f activities (purchasing and distribution days)=====500.00

Lunch accommodation payment for children’s and community ============1015.00

Perdium payment for kebele official and board committee ================750.00

Staff members lunch allowance ===================================480.00

Payment for rented box from postal office (#672) ======================68.00

Total Expenses =====================================8813.00