Short Report October 30.2017.

Short Report October 30.2017.

Uta wayu child care and community development is the non-governmental organization working to provide education material to the underprivileged children of Negele Arsi. Our mission is to ensure “Every Child enrolled in the project need to be in School and Learning Well.” Every year, we reach twenty children with different kind of support in the rural area through a range of intervention. As the education is the bases for development and the back bone of a country, our project provide education material for twenty children that are at school. Those families enrolled in the program have no any opinion to provide the education material for their children, because the live hand to mouth life. The support delivered to the children has it on impact because; to fulfill the need of children each family will take from their own hand to mouth basic needy. The presence of the project in their area has minimized the consignment and restore their life by provide education materials. Basic education material provided for twenty children (Exercise books, pen, pencil and bag)
Uta wayu child care and community development project distribute education materials for a children enrolled in the program. The education material distrusted on behalf of child and women affair office manager (Government), kebele official, parent or family of the children and staff members. Each child has received 12 exercises book, 2 pens and pencil and a bag. At end all the families had a good lunch with the children and invited gust.
Description of activities Actual budget Remark
1 Bag purchased for 20 children 3400.00 birr
2 Exe books purchased for 20 children 3000.00 birr
3 Pen and pencil purchased for 20 children 300.00 birr
4 Perdium for staff and kebele official 2100.00 birr
5 Lunch accommodation 1200.00 birr
6 Transportation 300.00 birr


“As it said education for all in Ethiopia context” the education materials that the project provides, it will help the children from being uneducated and dropout from school. We are assuring that the children education and life can be developed through the support of the project (UWCCCDP) and the key result of this support will minimizing the burden from family and improve the life of children.

OCTOBER 30, 2017

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Uta wayu child care and community development project is a legal registered an international NGO and running it operation in Ethiopia, west Arsi zone in Arsi Negele district. The main target of the project is orphan and vulnerable children. The reasons uta wayu child care and community development project interested to work with children are these children are orphan, come from a poor economical background and in several cases run away from home to escape child abuse. These children are malnourished; never go to school or dropout, medical treatment in cases of injuries and in some severe cases.

To make their dreams come true, UWCCDP took an initiative to open a place where all these children can reside for a better living and to makes these children more smart and educative

As the Ethiopia government education polices says that education for all, our entire project give full attention to promote children education and enhance quality education and minimized the illiteracy rate in the intervention area. In the project area the majority of children start school late, (the average age entry to grade one is 7-8 years), and hence girls who drop out of school upon reaching puberty have had only a few years of schooling. Late entry is common among the poor households. Generally late entry is a consequence of lack of access to school, lack of schools at nearest distances particularly for females,  labor requirement of the households,  harmful cultural practices such as abduction and rape (for females) and low attention given to girls education.

To minimize the state problem uta wayu child care and community development project take roll in the rural one kebele and provide education materials like exercise books, pen and cloths. Even though it has not fulfilled the children and community need it has minimized the family expenses by some percentage and encourages the child to attend their education appropriately. In addition to materials provision technical advice or short training offered to the children and family by UWCCDP staff.

Target groups

Uta wayu child care and community development project has selected 20 orphan and vulnerable children from rural kebeles and distribution education materials and cloths for them. All children have been involved in the distribution of materials and they were so much happy on the material provision. Parent committees have been selected from the beneficiary and actively participate on the distribution of materials. In addition to the parent committees, the kebele official and board members participate on the activities.

uta raport 2
male groups

Distribution of education materials

The distribution of education materials has the great impact on the life of children to start their education at the age 5-7 years. Due to shortage of income source the selected family cannot afford to buy education materials for their own children, uta wayu child care and community development project reach out for those needy children and family by supplying the education materials. As it knows education improves the life style of society and it create a bright mine new generation children for the society.

uta rabort 2

Distribution of sport cloth

To create physical and psychological strong children, supporting them with sport cloths is very important and interesting activities, understanding the problem of the children in the intervention area uta wayu child care and community development project provided and distribute some sport cloth for children, even if it has not fulfilled the sport requirement, it has carry out  some. By the provision of sport cloth the children and family has been very interested and expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the project. To provide the full material uta wayu child care and community development project take into consideration and working hard to supply the full material as it has been required

female groups
uta raport2


Uta wayu child and care community development project designed by visionary Ethiopian who is living in Norway and Ethiopian. The project has a legal certificate since March 2013 and looking forward for donors; those visionaries are working voluntarily and contributing from there on packet to make one step forward the project. This might not help to ensure the sustainability at ground level, as a project we designed so many activities but we have implement some activities. From time to time the community needs are increasing but due to financial constraint we are not moving forward as per community needs.

Future plan

Uta wayu child care and community development project is a certified an international NGO working in Arsi Negele district to reach out for needy children. The project has its own goal and objectives to achieve its mission and vision. The target groups are a young children’s who are living in Arsi Negele rural area and selected from poorest of poor family, our ultimate goal  is to create a young educated new generation in the area who will solve or minimized the existing problems, like educated man power and others. To achieve our goal and objective the selected children’s and family need to get all services delivery.

UWCCDP November 11, 2015.