Query to be membership

To anyone who would to be a member of Uta Wayu Childcare and Community Development Organiazation Project. (UWCCDP)

UWCCDP have received their interasjonal org.nr. from Brønnøysundregisteret Norway on March 13, 2014.

form of organization:          Association / Club / Organization

Category:                                       9 100 international activities

13 100 children and youth

4  300 financial and material support

Uta Wayu Childcare and Community Development Organiazation Project (UWCCDP) established to solve the problems of children who have lost their entire family or semi family because of HIV and other reasons, specially in rural areas.

Uta Wayu Childcare and Community Development Organiazation Project (UWCCDP) will start his regular job in the next school year. Now the first plan of Uta Wayu childcare and community development organiazation project (UWCCDP) is to establish the organization’s neutral boards in Arsi Negele Ethiopia on July 2014.

So  Uta Wayu Childcare and Community Development Organiazation Project (UWCCDP) will ask to be members and neutral board of Arsi Negele Ethiopia.

criteria to be members / membership

  • Mrmbership is open to all who are interested in and agreeing / accepting the organization’s mission of (UWCCDP)
  • Membership dues are mandatory
  • Over 16 years
  • All over the world
  • Etc,

Criteria to be neutral of the Board of Directors of (UWCCDP):

  • Personel education minimal diploma
  • Those who living closer to Arsi Negele district
  • Those who would like to work free corporations (UWCCDP)

Legal responsibilities of the Board of Directors of (UWCCDP):

A board member has the duty to exercise reasonable care when he or she makes a decision for ther organization. Reasonable care is what an “ordinarily prudent” person in a similar situation would do.

Duyt of Loyalty

A board member must never use information gained through his/her position for personal for gain and must always act in the best interests of the organization.

Duyt of Obedience

A board member must be faithful to the organization’s missin. He or she canot act in way that is inconsistent with the organization’s goals. The member is trusted by the public to mange donated founds to fulfill the organization’s missin.

Additional Duties:

  • Make sure that the organization follows the law
  • Approve all major contracts
  • Attend most board meeting, thus indicating dedication to the organization.
  • Hire and supervise the executive director of the organizaton.