Strategies and Activities:

Strategies and Activities:

1. Improving school enrolment rate

  •  Providing all necessary educational materials for 12 deprived children?s.
  •  Provide registration and school fee for 12 child?s
  • Provide uniform, cloth and shoe for 12 child?s
  • Cover house rent fees for 12 child?s on monthly bases
  •  Provide reference books for 12 child?s

2. Reducing school dropout rate

2.1. Enhancing Nutritional status of School Children
Providing supplementary food for malnourished school children.
Family education to change childrearing practice in relation to health and nutrition of children
3. Raising awareness and involvement of communities and parents in the promotion of child?s education

  • Conducting TOT training
  • Organizing training
  • Conducting community workshops
  • Establishing child right clubs
  • Improving teaching skill of teaches and supervision system in the targeted schools
  • Organize training for school teachers on active learning methodologies
  • Conducting training for education supervisors on effective supervision system and technical back stopping for teachers.

Major Development Objectives

The overall goal of this project to improve access to quality primary education to school age children especially orphan children?s at rural and urban communities of Arsi Negele Wereda (District).
1. To increase primary school enrolment rate, especially orphan children?s enrollment rate

2. To reduce school dropout rates through improving enhancing the nutritional status of school children

3. To raise awareness and involvement of communities and parents in the promotion of child?s education and on the United Nations? Convention on the Rights of the Child (CroC)

4. To improve the quality of education through teacher training and implementation of supervision systems in schools
Direct & Indirect Beneficiaries

12 children will benefit directly from the child?s care and education support and 150 children will benefit indirectly.


UWCCDP Child Care is a non-profit organization, not-for-profit, and community-based organization specializing in quality care for children ages 5 years to 14 years. Our service depends on an educated, well-trained and experienced staff of childcare professionals. Our programs reflect our genuine desire and commitment to providing care which significantly exceeds minimum requirements, while responding to the needs of parents, employers and of the organizations in the greater UWCCDP Arsi Nagele area.

UWCCDP Child Care is dedicated to providing children with a warm, loving, consistent environment designed to foster physical, social, intellectual and emotional development while recognizing that each child is unique. Our agency strives to offer high-quality childcare services which are supportive and sensitive to parent/family needs and diversity:
. To implement practices based on a thorough knowledge of child development.
. To assist staff in their professional development.
. To foster relationships based on trust, respect and genuine concern.